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Five Things to Think About Before Going All-In

Online poker can be incredibly fast-paced, especially when multi-tabling. The speed of the game demands quick thinking for profitable players, but long-term winners also realize when to slow it down and deep think about a hand. The decision to “go all-in” or not is one of those critical times that can determine your profitability for

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Sit and Go

Sit and Go Turbo Strategy

The most important factor in turbo sit’n’go tournaments is the blind structure. This, along with opponent hand ranges allow for a moneymaking independent chip model strategy based largely on mathematics. There is less profiling involved in these tourneys because as the blinds accelerate there is less flexibility for manoeuvring in terms of post-flop tactics. Which

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Bad Beats

Learning to love the bad beats!

Bad beats take on an entire new life when playing online poker. So if you can’t wrap your head around being on the bad end of some horrendous players getting lucky all the time, then this game is simply not for you.

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