Up and running with Tournament Indicator.

This is a video tutorial series for those players who have just purchased Tournament Indicator. Many of the features described here however are very similar across all of the indicator products, so there is value in watching this series no matter what product you have.

This video is an introduction to the series, and quickly outlines the content provided in each video.

Using the software with your first tournament. Also includes a few hands and a short tour of the most common features used while playing real games.

In this video I start to get into the win odds and pot odds, as well as the profiling features. 

More of a deep dive into the profiling information that the software provides, and how I use it during tournaments.

The settings panel and customizing TI for your computer screen size and playing preferences.

This final video shows a lot more about the HUD feature, which is a very popular tool for most poker software these days.